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Does Thistle All Weather Grass Fade?

No, all our grasses are completely UV stable and do not fade.

Is Thistle All Weather Grass guaranteed?

Yes, our grasses are guaranteed for 6 years. (Manufacturer’s Guarantee)

How long will Thistle All Weather Grass last?

Artificial grass in intensively used sports areas will last approximately 10 years up to twice this can be expected in a leisure environment. Depending on the daily wear & tear you can enjoy your maintenance free lawn for a long, long time…

Does Thistle All Weather Grass require maintenance?

To keep the grass looking at its best it will benefit from occasional brushing with a stiff brush. Leaves and debris should be removed.

Do you offer an installation service?

Yes, we offer a full start to finish installation service…Just take a look at our picture gallery!

Is Thistle All Weather Grass an easy DIY installation?

Yes, anyone with basic DIY skills can follow our simple installation instructions to successfully lay a new lawn.

Does Thistle All Weather Grass allow water through?

Yes, the grass is porous…holes in the backing allow free draining.

Is Thistle All Weather Grass abrasive to skin?

No, unlike old astro turf our grasses have soft polyethylene fibres which will not graze or cause friction burns on your skin.

Is Thistle All Weather Grass suitable for both children and dogs?

Yes, our artificial grass is at its best in well used garden situations, ideal for kids play areas & pets… please refer to our products section for various types.

Can Thistle All Weather Grass be laid on slopes?

Yes, All grasses can be laid on most slopes, however on severe slopes the sand infill may move slightly in heavy rain therefore on these inclines non filled grass would be best.

Is Thistle All Weather Grass suitable for parking?

A suitable base is essential and one of our heavier sand filled grasses. Tight turning should be avoided.

Is Thistle All Weather Grass the same as astroturf?

Astroturf is the registered name of the company that first installed astro turf artificial grass into the Astro Dome stadium in Houston. Astro-turf has become a generic name for artificial grass. However artificial grass has developed significantly from the early days of Astroturf.

Is Thistle All Weather Grass environmentally friendly?

Artificial Lawn does not need to be watered like real grass. Additionally chemical fertilizers and weed killers are not needed. Your carbon footprint will also be reduced without the weekly use of a lawnmower.

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